11 killed as strong typhoon hits Japan

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At least 11 were killed, 300 injured, and more than a million homes are without power as a powerful typhoon hit Japan.

“The government will continue to do everything possible to tackle these issues with utmost urgency,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said in a report.

Media reports have described Typhoon Jebi as the most powerful typhoon to hit Japan in nearly 25 years. The typhoon made landfall in Japan on Tuesday, which “moved quickly over the mainland, smashing through the major manufacturing area around Osaka – Japan’s second city – wrecking infrastructure and destroying homes,” according to a report.

Prior the landfall, Al Jazeera reported that more than one million people have been advised to go to evacuation centers. The same report said that “more than 1.6 million households were without power in Osaka, Kyoto, and four nearby prefectures.”

Meanwhile, there are about 3,000 passengers who are stranded in Kansai Airport.

“We had a blackout so there was no air conditioning. It was hot,” one passenger said in a media report.

News website Rappler reported that the 216-kilometer-per-hour typhoon had “ripped off roofs, overturned trucks and swept a 2,500-ton tanker into a bridge leading to Kansai International Airport, the region’s main international gateway, and a national transport hub.”

“The damage to the bridge left the artificial island housing the airport temporarily cut off, stranding 3,000 travelers and staff overnight as high waves flooded the runways and some buildings, knocking out the power,” the report added.

Another report said officials are already beginning their transfer to a nearby Kobe Airport through high-speed boats and buses.

BBC said “all flights have been canceled and there is no confirmation of when the airport will reopen. The Kansai airport website could only say that the runways and bridge would reopen on 6 September or later,” adding that other reports said it may take a week.

In a separate report, BBC said the typhoon is expected to “weaken as it moves north.”