A Shocking Story of A Fish Vendor Placing Plastic Eyes On A Fish To Make Them Look Fresh

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Keeping it fresh at all cost has been the business slogan of one of the fish stores in Kuwait. However, the act did not last long; the alleged store has been close down by the ministry of commerce after getting lots of complaints from the client.

The alleged store vendor was court doing the act of planting plastic eyes on the fish to make them resemble as if they were fresh, Khaleej Times reports. It alleges that this is not the first time that the store was doing such an act.

That said, the local newspaper, Al Bayan posted the picture of the fish having implanted plastic eyes, devoid of it showing the signs of the fake eyes falling off; however, showing the real eye of the fish beneath.

This picture left lots of people shocked and wondering what other think the fish store would be doing to keep the fish looking fresh. More so, the picture is making rounds on social media with several Twitter and Facebook users slamming the unnamed fish story as a ploy.

One Facebook user wrote, “Why should someone put plastic eyes on a fish to make it look fresh and yet other parts get spoiled faster than the eyes, shame to the store.”

Another Facebook user; “it is just like Egypt where someone was caught painting a donkey to look like a zebra to attract tourist.”

A Twitter user known as Elodie Mainze alleged: “That such gross, as well as bad business practice; however, I can’t assist but laugh at the same time. How would they sincerely believe that people wouldn’t note?”

The comment never stopped at that, and more so, the picture of the fish with the plastic is still doing rounds on the social media at this moment.

With all the slamming that transpired online, there is no doubt that people online were not only disturbed by the incident, but most of them wondered why it was had to identify a rooting fish besides looking at the eye. However, they thanked the government for taking such a drastic measure.