Detroit authorities shut off School drinking water after lead was found

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According to recent reports,  the Detroit authorities shut off School drinking water after lead was found. Early on Thursday,  the Detroit authorities ordered the shutting off of drinking water in all public city schools. This was after an extensive research was done on the antiquated pipeline systems. From the reports obtained from the laboratory after this extensive research,  the Detroit authorities found out that the drinking water provided to this public city school had high elevation levels of copper and more so lead. This testing and measurements was done to different institutions whereby dozen of this institutions had this elevations of contamination.

Nevertheless, Detroit Public Schools Community, the District Superintendent Nikolai Vitti on the other hand,  said that supplies were terminated over the weekend  at 16 schools and due to water shortage, the government provided this 16 schools with bottled water which they keep on supplying until the awaited water coolers arrive. However, according to District Superintendent Nikolai Vitt, even though there is no solid evidence showing excessiveness of copper and lead, Nikolai Vitt still had to shut off the water supply system to this public city schools until a broader and more deeper analysis was conducted to counter check for any of this two metals. However, this analysis according to Nikolai Vitt was not only to check the levels of contamination but also to ensure a long term protection to this schools.

In addition to this matter, the District spokeswoman, Chrystal Wilsonthe however in her statement on Thursday said that until now no child has been harmed by this contaminations whatsoever. According to Detroit authorities website, over 50,000 students are enrolled within the district, which operates more than 110 schools. In their website, the Detroit authorities said that schools are due to start on Tuesday next week although the teacher are still working as usual. Nevertheless,  Detroit Water , The Great Lakes Water Authority and Sewerage Department in a statement said that the water after treatmen process is complete, the water will be then surpassed to all state standards for quality and safety check up to ensure the contamination has been eliminated completely.