North Korean identifies the First two U.S. troops from the Korean war

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According to recent reports, on Monday, the U.S. military agency leading the analysis on bodies have confirmed that they have identified the remains of the first two American troops which were mixed together with other 55 boxes of other countries human remains which were obtained from the 1950 to 1953 Korean War which were handed over by the North Korea in the beginning of July. However, after the U.S. military agency finished conducting the DNA analysis, as a procedure, the identities are expected and supposed to be announced officially during the coming days after which the troops were supposed to arrive.  Also after confirmation is done, the relatives are going to be informed on their losses.

However, according to director of scientific analysis at the U.S. Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, John Byrd among the undergoing remains review that at the moment the family members will not be notified at first. President Donald Trump’s administration on the other had have started hailing the handover of its troops remains which will serve as an evidence of successful summit with the North Korean President, Kim Jong Un which was held in June. On Monday, The White House however said that it was considering to schedule a second meeting with the North Korean President, Kim Jong. However, Critics said that the summit up to now has failed to keep promises given by the North Korean President Kim in the abandonment of his so-called nuclear weapons program.

Nevertheless, according to the U.S, the identifications process is anticipated to chip away at least 7,699 U.S. troops who remain unaccounted for in the Korean War. The U.S. military also said that about 5,300 troops were lost during this war in what is now referred to as North Korea. Nevertheless, the Forensic anthropologists are currently combing all the remains in a secure facility in Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Jennie Jin and Byrd, who were the coordinators at the Korean War agency’s Project, elaborated and said that the identification process is painstaking which also includes finding DNA from within the bone fragments. After this identification are over with, then then families will have informed immediately.