Russian or Tajik plane bombs Afghan border area and six confirmed dead

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Recent reports shows that yesterday there was a plane boming between Afghan border and Tajik border which at the moment is not clear whose plane it belonged to.  According to an interview with the guards who were available during the bombing, the event, clash started between gunmen and Tajik border guards. From this clashes, 6 gunmen lost their lives on the spot. According to Afghan government officials, the 6 gunmen were pinned to the ground following the initial killing of two border guards.

However, for decades, Cross-border wars  between Afghanistan’s with the Tajikistan border are rare. comparing the Afghanistan’s eastern border fights with Pakistan which occurs now and then. However, according Takhar provincial police and spokesman, Khalil Asir, he stated that it was not clear whether the aircraft responsible for the bombing was a Russian aircraft or a Tajikistan aircraft so it was hard to conclude about the people responsible for this attacks. He added that further investigation will be conducted to determine the actual aircraft used in this clashes.

In addition to this, spokesman for Takhar provincial governor ,Jawed Hejri, also included in his report that it was unclear where this aircraft came from but he reported six people killed in the clash. According to the report he got from the Tajik border forces, the gunmen were drug smugglers and they were trying to evade inspection and this was the cause of the entire clashes. However Jawed said that until now,  the drug smugglers identity is not known.

Nevertheless, Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesman confirmed that after the clashes broke out,  the Tajik border guards had to take Initiative’s and take care of the situation. That is when the aircraft emerged and bombed. From the Tajik guards, the bombed area was forested and was used by drug smugglers to transport and cross drugs between the two borders.

However, Taliban spokesman said that they are at the moment conducted thorough investigation concerning this matter since the Taliban have no permission however to clash with any neighboring countries. However, Russian and Tajikistan embassies had no comment about this incident that occurred in a meeting at Kabul.