Taiwan asked by China to halt all mainland spying, sabotage activities

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According to reports, on Sunday, China on accused Taiwan’s spy agencies of putting all efforts in stealing intelligence from the Chinese government with aim of sabotage and infiltration. However, Chinese authorities after detecting this unauthorized attempt by Taiwanese spy agency to acquire intelligence have warned the agencies located within the island against further access and damaging which has strained across ties between the two countries. Citing a Fengshan, a spokesman of China’s policy-making which is located within the Taiwan Affairs Office, official Xinhua news agency said that the concerned agencies in Taiwan should stop or end this activity immediately as this are criminal activities and could lead to a negative feedback from the hosting country which is China.

On Saturday, nevertheless, state television initiated for the first time a series of programs which aimed at detailing cases whereby Chinese students who are currently studying in Taiwan are the main targets by the domestic spies who attract them with lump sum amount of money, friendship and more so love. The above allegations about the obtaining of intelligence come shortly after China ramps up all efforts and encouraged the Taiwanese to settle permanently in China. This according to the law meant that the Taiwanese who relocated to China permanently will have access to new identity cards and more so other inducements which the Chinese government would provide to them.

However, Taiwan, on the other hand, has warned its people of all the risks which involved living in an autocratic country which at the moment has internet censorship and more so more drawbacks. However, both Taiwan and China frequently for decades now have been trading accusations on spying. However, In 2017, a Chinese student initially studying in Taiwan was detained and sentenced to prison for deliberately gathering sensitive information concerning contacts in major Taiwan schools and more government departments and trying to build his own spying network which was going to be located on the island. Meanwhile, Taiwan started, on the other hand, started allowing Chinese students to study across its universities from 2009.