The truth behind the selfie that ended the Huawei advertising campaign

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Sharing “life” in social networks can often bring serious problems, not only for those who publish but also for a third party. This is what happened to Huawei, the second world producer of cell phones, with the protagonist of the advertising campaign of Nova 3i who decided to publish a forbidden image of the film on his Instagram profile.

This new phone, which the Chinese brand currently promotes in Egypt, is the star of the ad in which the technical qualities of its camera stand out, as it usually happens in most advertising campaigns. To exemplify it, a couple of young Egyptians take a selfie with the Nova 3i. So far nothing that arouses suspicion, but apparently the image was not good enough to meet the standards that Huawei considers optimal for their ads.

What was not taken into account was the carelessness of the Egyptian Sarah Elshamy who published in her profile part of the commercial’s filming, including the selfie together with her companion, in which they end up with the extended hand towards a photographer’s reflex camera and No trace of the phone. As expected, the image was quickly eliminated by the actress, except for one user who broadcast the capture in the Reddit community.

On the part of Huawei there was no official release on the episode of Sarah Elshamy and the controversy with the Nova i3. According to the Hypertextual site, this is not the first time they have discovered the Asian giant falsifying the photographs of their devices.

In 2006, supposedly, the image of a sunset served to promote the P9 but, in fact, they were also taken with a reflex camera. “We did it to inspire our community,” they expressed at the time as an apology. Obviously, the image was immediately removed from all your social media accounts.