Two Schoolgirls caught with knives in Florida confess vampiric scheme

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Two schoolgirls were caught with knives and other sharp utensils at a Florida middle school. When they were asked about the sharp objects they told that they had made plan to kill and cut up their classmates, then drink their blood and commit suicide.

The girls, ages 11 and 12, were caught at Bartow Middle School in a bathroom stall where they were waiting for younger students. They had planned to cut children’s throats with the sharp knives, slice up their bodies and to eat their meat with their blood.

The girls face conspiracy charges to commit first degree murder and possession of a weapon at school along with several other charges.

Both girls had planned to kill 15-25 students. They both said that they had decided to commit suicide after that.

They had come out with this plot to ensure they would become “worse sinners,” allowing them to spend eternity in hell with Satan.

Bartow Middle School administration started to look for the girls after both of them had gone missing from their Tuesday class for long. The teacher told about their absence from the class to the authorities. They were found in bathroom with the sharp objects waiting for the young students to come there. They had four knives, a pizza cutter and a knife sharpener in their possession

Both girls were sent to a juvenile detention facility. The prosecutors are deciding whether they should be tried as juveniles or adults.

The school officials tweeted that extra police officers and guidance counselors would be available during the week.

The school authorities quickly took action against the suspicious behavior of the girls. The school tweeted that no one was harmed in the whole incident.